Support Bethany by joining us

You might wish to consider serving at Bethany yourself. Vacancies might arise on the Bethany team to serve in the medium-to-long term. Another possibility is to offer your specific skills as a volunteer, either short term or else (if you live in Hong Kong) part time. Some of the gifts which have been shared at Bethany in recent times include the following:

  • Worship-leading
  • Accounts advice
  • Website design
  • Decorative Arts
  • Tree-felling
  • Support for pastoral staff on leave.

Become a Bethany friend

Those who know us come back again and again. However, we are concerned that there are people who may benefit from our ministry but who don't know us. Will you be our mouthpiece? Spread the word, tell others about Bethany. Attached here is a soft copy in PDF form of our publicity leaflet (shown below). Please feel free to download it, send it to friends and let us know if you would like hard copies to pass around your contacts.

Bethany newsletters

If you would like to receive a monthly newsletter from Bethany, please send us an e-mail requesting to join our mailing list.