Reservations for Groups

Thank you for considering bringing your group to stay at Bethany. We are a Pastoral Care organization focused on providing rest, encouragement and restoration for Christian cross cultural workers in Asia and also pastors or Christian workers in Hong Kong. We welcome Christians from all denominations. Christian groups are very welcome especially during non-peak times of the year.

In order to avoid disappointment, it is helpful if you can contact Bethany as soon as you plan your group retreat.

Also, plan a date for your retreat which avoids public holidays and surrounding dates, and busy times such as the Chinese New Year and July/August school holiday season when Bethany is typically reserved for families and individuals. 

Our Reception Office hours are 10:00-12:00 am and 14:00-17:00 Monday to Saturday. On Sundays the Reception Office is closed. If you fly into Hong Kong please note that it takes 2 hours to get from the airport to Bethany after receiving the luggage. Only exceptionally and only when agreed at the time of booking we can receive people outside of 2-6 pm Monday to Saturday. It is also more convenient to walk to Bethany in the daytime. If you should be coming late eg. due to flight delay please call us or send an SMS, WhatsApp or Wechat  message (see the Emergencies telephone number in the confirmation email) about it as soon as possible.

Because of the layout of the Bethany facilities, groups can book one of the Bethany buildings and have exclusive use of its facilities:

• Bethany Lodge is the largest building, sleeping 20 adults (max 24) in 9 rooms. Cost for single-night stay 7.500HKD, cost for multiple-night stay 7.000HKD/night.

• Bethany House sleeps 15 adults (max 17) in 5 rooms. Cost for single-night stay 4.500HKD, cost for multiple-night stay 4.200HKD/night.

• Bethany Cottage sleeps 5 adults in 4 rooms. Cost for single-night stay 2.200HKD, cost for multiple-night stay 2.000HKD/night.

Cost includes dinner (excl. Sundays) and breakfast, coffee, tea, wifi, air conditioning. 

If you need to accommodate more guests than will fit in one building please contact us for further information.

Additional bedrooms in other houses: For single-night stay 450HKD for 1st adult, 250HKD for additional adult or child 12 or more sharing room, 150HKD for child 3-11 years. For multiple-night stay 400HKD for 1st adult, 250HKD for additional adult or child 12 or more sharing room, 150HKD for child 3-11 years.

Additional breakfast 40HKD/breakfast, lunch 60HKD/lunch, additional dinner Monday-Saturday 80HKD/dinner.

For more information on the buildings, click the links below: