“So there is special rest still waiting for the people of God.” Hebrews 4:9

Bethany for Groups

Bethany regularly caters for groups from churches and Christian organisations. Our three differing buildings lend themselves variously to the needs of groups and the fact that it’s possible to book an entire, separate building means we can often provide tailor-made accommodation to meet the needs of a particular gathering.  As well as comfortable bedrooms, a group can then also make use of spaces such as lounges and attractive outdoor areas. We can provide facilities for small conferences, such as white boards, guitar, keyboard and so on. And, of course, the usual delicious Bethany catering is available to groups.

The particular capacities of our buildings are as follows:


Due to COVID-19, Bethany is limiting its allowance of group gatherings. 

Bethany is available for exclusive/group retreats for a maximum of 4 people only until further notice. 

Check back frequently as changes can be made.


Sleeping Capacity

Dining & Living Room Capacity

Bethany Lodge



Bethany House



Bethany Cottage




Single-night stay for groups: Bethany Cottage 2.200HKD/night, Bethany House 4.500HKD/night, Bethany Lodge 7.500HKD/night. Additional rooms in other buildings: 450HKD/night for 1st adult in a room, 250HKD/night for an additional adult or child age 12 or more sharing room, 150HKD/child 3-11 years sharing room. 

Multiple nights stay for groups: Bethany Cottage 2.000HKD/night, Bethany House 4.200HKD/night, Bethany Lodge 7.000HKD/night. Additional rooms in other buildings: 400HKD/night for 1st adult in a room, 220HKD/night for an additional adult or child age 12 or more sharing room, 140HKD/child 3-11 years sharing room. 

Costs include 2 meals: Breakfasts Monday-Sunday and dinners Monday-Saturday, but no dinner on Sunday. At the time of reservation lunches can be ordered for Monday-Saturday at 60HKD/lunch/person.

Many groups find that Bethany is a great place to gather, away from the demands and stresses of city life. The tranquillity of the surroundings certainly help to focus the mind as well as soothe the spirit!


The Bethany complex consists of three single storey buildings, surrounded by flowers, shrubs and trees and peaceful sitting areas. Guestrooms are air-conditioned and well equipped. Most rooms have their own bathrooms. All our buildings have complimentary Wifi access.


Each building has its own living and dining room. Breakfast is provided each day and a communal evening meal is shared every day except Sunday. Mainly Western-style food is served. Bethany’s kitchen receives rave reviews! Soft drinks, ice creams and snacks may be purchased in each building. Other facilities include washing machines and driers, beach kit, a mixed library of books & DVDs. There is an Apple TV in each building. We have some sports equipment available on site and there are more facilities locally.