Make a group booking

In order to proceed with your Group Reservation, please send the information requested below via email to or fax (see contact us for the number).

At the time of booking, please provide the following information:

• Name of Church/organisation

• Arrival and departure dates

• Confirm name of the designated contact person, email address and HK telephone number.

• Expected number of guests and day guests

• Do you want to book additional rooms in Bethany if available

• Let us know if you would like an early check in or late check out if available...please specify times

One month before your arrival, please provide the following information:

• Number of guests and split of male, female and married couples (kindly note that it is not Bethany's practice to accommodate men and women in the same room unless a married couple):

• Names, (+ ages of each guest if under 18)

• What passport/ citizenship does each guest hold? country/ nation as written on passports

• Do all guests live in HK?

• Is this the first time to Bethany for anyone in your group, if so please indicate first-timers?

• Your arrival-time to Bethany on (XX DATE)

• If you require, White Board, Keyboard, Guitar , (we have Apple TV's in all of our buildings)

• Please let us know which meals you will be taking at Bethany, and numbers of guests for each meal if this is different from your group’s total. 

• Do any of your group members have any special dietary needs?