Group Costs

Bethany is a registered charity and unable to formally charge fees. There are costs to operating our ministry though, and we do ask that Groups cover their costs so we can continue Bethany’s core focus which is to support individuals and families serving in full-time mission and ministry who are non- or low-salaried. 

It is important for Bethany to have a commitment from groups when making a booking as we are reserving the full use of one of our buildings for you. We ask groups to recognise this commitment and also our administrative costs in setting up your reservation.

Please contribute to the running costs for your retreat by making part of the donation (a minimum of $1,000) ahead of time:  either at the time of booking or at least 60 days before your Group’s booking. The completed donation may then be made at the reception office upon check-in. We treat group bookings in this way to minimise last-minute cancellations which may result in other guests wishing to stay having to be turned away. This helps us to ensure the best and most efficient use of Bethany’s resources that are so important to those needing retreat. (If the booking is cancelled 30 days prior to the stay, all deposit except $500 will be refunded. If the booking is cancelled within 30 days of the stay, the deposit will NOT be refunded.)

We have calculated that, for each night the approximate cost (in Hong Kong Dollars updated 1st March 2016) of serving Groups at Bethany is:

Building and Occupancy

One-night stays

Multiple-night stays

        Group costs include 2 meals per day (Breakfast & Dinner or Breakfast & Lunch)

Bethany Lodge

(20 guests)

HK$ 7500

HK$ 7000

Bethany House

(15 guests)

HK$ 4500

HK$ 4200

Bethany Cottage

(5 guests)

HK$ 2200


Additional Bedrooms

(per room)

HK$ 450 (1st adult)

HK$ 250 (additional adult)

HK$150 (child age 3-11)

HK$ 400 (1st adult)

HK$ 220 (additional adult)

HK$140 (child age 3-11)

Day Guests

(above allocated building numbers)

HK$ 100 + Meals:

Breakfast: $40, Lunch: $60,

Dinner: $80

HK$ 100 + Meals:

Breakfast: $40, Lunch: $60,

Dinner: $80

We try to have no ‘hidden’ costs. The above costs factor in the accommodation provided, the use of resources and facilities, tea/coffee/ water and breakfast and dinner or lunch. 

We have a few ‘optional extras’ which can be paid in HK$ cash:

Guest Snack shop, Clothes drier (HK$10 per load), printing/copying (HK$1 per greyscale sheet or HK$1.50 for colour), Lunch (HK$60 per person).

It may be convenient for you to make an initial donation to us via bank or ATM transfer to our HSBC account 600-055776-001 (Bethany Ministries Ltd). If so, please email us the confirmation slip for our accounting records. Alternatively you could send us a cheque to 12 The Peak, Fa Peng Rd, Cheung Chau.