"O LORD, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches." Psalm 104:24

Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau is a great place for a break. It’s an island so you definitely feel away! It has a great mix of stimulus and seclusion, genuine ethnic colour and comfortable homely amenities. With something for everyone, Cheung Chau is full of riches from idyllic nature to the vibrancy of bustling village life.

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Video glimpses of Cheung Chau


The nearest beach, Kwun Yam (unofficially known as 'Bethany Beach' to our guests), is small and pleasant, quieter than the main one because it is further for most tourists to walk. It still has changing facilities and toilets, and a snack bar, The main beach, Tung Wan, is a few minutes farther along the coast (quite likely the way you first came to Bethany). Look out for a bronze-age rock carving at the foot of the Warwick Hotel. These beaches are two of the cleanest beaches in Hong Kong, fully maintained in the summer months with lifeguards, diving rafts and refreshments. There is also a more secluded beach known as Italian Beach about 30 minutes from Bethany and other rocky coves and small beaches all around. 


There are many interesting walks around the island. You can energetically explore the coastal paths and coves or simply find a secluded rock overlooking the sea and enjoy some solitude. Why not try one of our prayer walks or, if you have children with you, go on your own treasure hunt to the Pirates' Cave.

If you want a really challenging walk, take the inter-island ferry from Cheung Chau to Lantau island and enjoy the walking trails and peaks there.

Lantau is ideal for a day's outing. If walking isn't you, there are buses to various parts of Lantau where you can explore further. (See the Hong Kong Extras link). 


Cheung Chau has a surprising variety of sports facilities. Canoes and windsurfing boards are available for rent at the beach and sports centres offer basketball, volleyball, squash, badminton and tennis.

Bicycle and tricycle hire is easily available in the town. Three minutes downhill from Bethany there is a running track, with football (soccer) pitch inside it, a basketball court and children's play area - complete with changing rooms, toilets and a water fountain for filling-up your water-bottle.

Guests can use the sports ground free of charge. Cheung Chau also boasts tennis courts and several interesting, Chinese-style out-door gyms.


For lunch, or Sundays when the Bethany kitchen staff take a break, Cheung Chau offers a large range of reasonably priced eateries catering for Western and Asian tastes. Sea food is the speciality. 

Hong Kong

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling energetic, the dramatic cityscape of 21st Century Hong Kong is never far away across the water. There you will find many world-class tourist attractions and more shops than you ever dreamed of - but also a lovely range of surprisingly remote islands and mountains to explore. If there are practical aspects to your visit to Hong Kong such as medical requirements or visa needs, Bethany makes a very useful base too.

More information about Hong Kong http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/index.jsp

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