"He then led them out of the city over to Bethany. Raising his hands he blessed them, and while blessing them, took his leave, being carried up to heaven."  Luke 24:50

Where we are

Located in Hong Kong on the outlying island of Cheung Chau, Bethany's location is idyllic: surrounded by greenery, overlooking the sea and a few minutes from sandy beaches and peaceful walks around rocky coves. Yet the town with its restaurants, shops and other facilities is just nearby. Even the ferry ride helps in the winding down process, as the pressure of Hong Kong's city gives way to an island with no cars, pollution or sense of urgency. Cheung Chau is a fascinating place to explore. The island maintains a large fishing fleet with many fisher folk living traditional lifestyles aboard authentic wooden junks. Down by the harbour the atmosphere is bustling. Guests agree that the 20 minute walk up the hill from the ferry to our tranquil oasis is then definitely worth it.

Bustling Hong Kong

Cheung Chau Island - a kaleidoscope of colour!

Bethany is at the top of a modest hill called Fa Peng Knoll. Our address is 12/17A Fa Peng Road. Though Cheung Chau is a fairly small island, it is possible to get lost! We suggest that you download and print our directions page.

Guests arriving have invariably used a wide range of public transport: planes, trains, buses, trams, taxis, boats and – finally – their own two feet. If coming, for example, from an airport, our advice is to allow plenty of time and to enjoy what is a really interesting journey. 

If you do lose your way, please call 2981 7114 for Bethany Reception. 

We offer to meet you at the Cheung Chau ferry pier if you would like this on your first visit or if arriving unavoidably late. If you have lots of bags, please arrange a few days in advance to have it collected from the ferry. (Also see reservations page).


More information about Cheung Chau coming soon.

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