COVID-19 Special Arrangements


1.     Though we are a private entity, Bethany supports the efforts of physical distancing for everyone’s health and safety by complying—as much as possible—with the same HK policies applied to public areas while accomplishing our goal of offering retreats. 

o   We have put limits on our booking procedures by prohibiting no more than 4 people, with the exception of larger families, to retreat together at any given time. Management will place guests among our available units under a 50% max occupancy until further notice. Every guest is pre-screened carefully to promote a healthy and safe environment. We are not currently receiving guests who need to undergo compulsory quarantine.

2.     All guests will undergo temperature checks upon entry. Guests will be asked to reschedule their retreat should their temperature read 100.4°F/38°C or higher. Guests are to report any signs of sickness or respiratory problems. 

3.     During ones stay, guests are asked to wear face masks when they are using any common area. Also, guests are asked to refrain from gathering/visiting together in groups of more than 4 people—with the exception of larger families.

4.     When eating in the dining room, please only remove your mask when eating. We ask that everyone clean up after themselves regularly by promptly disposing of any trash into the trash bins and washing up any used items—such as dishes or silverware—after every use.

5.     Guests are to uphold good hygiene and high cleanliness practices at all times. For example, washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer available throughout the campus.

6.     Meal Service: Dinner (and lunch upon request) will be served in the main dining hall. Guests of no more than 4 people will be seated together at an assigned table—with the exception of larger families. When needed, some guests may be assigned to an alternate location or be given individually plated meals to eat independently. Breakfast items will be made available in your assigned guesthouse for self-service.

7.     Weekly group devotions have been paused until further notice. Sessions for prayer and sharing with a Spiritual Care Director can be scheduled for 1-3 people at a time. As this is an especially difficult time for many cross-cultural workers and their families, we want to remind guests that formal member care sessions are available at Bethany.

Thank you for your support to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable stay!

 Please check back frequently for further updates and special offerings of prayer and pastoral care services.

These policies are subject to change, without notice, to keep with Hong Kong Government’s mandates and published recommendations to prevent the spread of illnesses.

You may contact our Reception Office with any questions regarding this message by calling +852 2981 7114 or emailing We will reply to your message as soon as possible.