"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Bethany, a Christian charity, offers a quiet place of rest, reflection, and restoration for Christians of all denominations who live and work in Hong Kong, Asia, and beyond.   We see every Christian as special creations whom we want to bless and see flourish in their unique journey. We are committed to providing peaceful getaways in our clean and comfortable guest houses along with guest care through family-style dinners, Soul Care, and Member Care. 


Bethany’s mission is to provide a place of rest and retreat for weary workers. Our hospitality model is based on a commitment to encourage God’s people in their gospel work. And so we believe God’s call on Bethany, since its establishment, has not wavered. It perhaps is an even more urgent call right now to provide a place of retreat for those who have heavy burdens to carry during the COVID-19 health crisis.

At this time Bethany remains open, until further notice, while being sensitive to the health needs of everyone. The following changes related to guests have been made to ensure the health of all Bethany guests, staff, and the general public. We will remain vigilant in keeping up with all published health recommendations to ensure quality service. Check back frequently as changes can be made. 

 1.    Though we are a private entity, Bethany supports the efforts of physical distancing by complying—as much as possible—with the same HK policies applied to public areas while accomplishing our goal of offering retreats. 

o   No more than 4 guests will be placed in any one building. Each guest will have one designated restroom per guest (with the exception of families). A building is defined as one unit that has its own entrance/exit with an attached restroom           

o   We will accept large families (more than 4) who would normally reside in one household; they will be placed in their own individual unit.

o   Bethany’s outdoor areas will be assigned to specific units. Should someone wish to use a common outdoor space accessible by multiple units, a reservation can easily be made by “signing out” a space for a specified time (ex. Basketball court, playground). Sanitizing rules apply.

2.    All guests will undergo temperature checks upon entry. Guests will be asked to reschedule their retreat should their temperature 100.4°F/38°C or higher. Guests are to report any signs of sickness or respiratory problems.  

3.      Guests are to uphold good hygiene and high cleanliness practices at all times. For example, washing hands frequently and wearing a face mask when around other people.

4.      Meal Service: Dinner (and lunch upon request) will be plated and delivered to guest’s houses to eat independently. Breakfast items will be made available for self-service. Guests will clean and wash up after themselves and then place dishes in designated bins for staff to collect for sanitizing.

5.    In lieu of community time around the dinner table and group devotions, Bethany's ministry leaders will offer daily prayer time and sharing. Sessions will be available one-on-one on site or via phone/computer. 

 Thank you for your support to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable stay!

These policies are subject to change, without notice, to keep with Hong Kong Government’s mandates and published recommendations to prevent the spread of illnesses.

You may contact our Reception Office with any questions regarding this message by calling +852 2981 7114 or emailing enquiries@bethanyhk.org